Bassem from Chino Hills

Was looking into AG instead of Sod because I got tired of mud and the usual comment from my gardener, water is too much then water is too little. It was frustrating no matter what I do it just dies out. Also, my dog was NOT helping keeping the green turf green. I called Patrick and he was the ONLY contractor that actually suggested things to do around the yard to make it look better and said “I’ll do that for you no charge!” I did not even ask him for such a thing yet completely appreciated the gesture. Figured out what needs to be done then called and asked him to expedite the install. In spite of his busy schedule, he made it happen.
Then was Benjamin and the crew. They did such an amazing job to the smallest detail! Even things I never asked for they did it to make sure everything looks great. Benjamin and the crew were amazing in every way possible. First time in my life I never told a contractor you ve missed this or re do that or what ever happened here! No a word! Nothing just a perfect job!
Wait for it, they even cleaned EVERYTHING after they were done. Great job you guys and am one happy customer. Totally recommend AG INC.



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