Kevin from Chino

Pat Burke and his team in my book is top tier. I’ve had a lot of work done through the years in homes I’ve lived at. Met a many contractors and gotten many estimates. What stood out with AGI for me was a few of things.

1) They offer PRO-GREEN brand. It is high quality and made in USA. ( Most places will try to sell you Tiger Turf or Evergreen or some brand made in China

2) Pat’s willing to work with you on prices. He is honest, open, and willing to entertain your price and meet with you on reasonable price.

3) Their installation team gets the job done. They are empowered to make the right decision and make that decision on the spot. They don’t nickel and dime you on simple task they can easily add in while they are there. They do it to get the job done.

4) Professional in, professional out. They came prepared, on time, and worked accordingly. After they are done, they hose down the yard, clean up the trash, and proper hand off to you. No trash lying around, no coke cans in a corner, no paper bag stuff in the bushes.

As other pointed out here, they are very professional group of people. They don’t nickel and dime you on stuff while they are there on simple task. Very clean and helpful. Heck, they even brought their own Microwave!

Highly recommend them.


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