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Artificial Grass for Dogs, Pets & Kids
Our Pet Turf have a rainfall capacity of up to 75 gallons per hour per square yard!

The crews at Artificial Grass Inc have been installing turf for pet owners for over 12 years. Pet owners swear by the durability and feasibility of having a washable pet surface. No more muddy paws on your patio or into your house. No more bald spots or dead grass from urine. Imagine a pet turf surface that your dogs won't be able to dig up, won't fade in the sun, and requires little-to-no maintenance! Artificial Grass for Dogs are a great alternative to sod, mulch or concrete for your pet. Your pet will love the turf and you for creating such a clean environment.

All of our turfs are perforated so that urine and or water may filter down into the base that we install under the turf. It drains fast and clean. Feces clean up is as easy as 1-2-3. Just wipe or wash off any excess after pickup. No more wet smelly piles to clean up after irrigating your real grass. It�s always dry!

How do our dog run grass lawns hold up to a digging dog? Dogs rarely dig into our artificial pet grass and it's almost impossible for them, even the largest of dogs, to dig through the turf.

1. Our dog runs are super tough and impossible for dogs to dig through.
2. Superior installation practices for maximum odor control.
3. No more toxic weed killers, insecticides, or fertilizers.
4. No more pests like Fleas & Ticks.
5. No more muddy paws & fur.
6. Zero Lead, Zero Heavy Metals, Zero Rubber.
7. 100% safe for pets.
8. No more yellow spots or dead grass.
9. No more lawn maintenance!
10. 15-18 year manufacturer warranty.

Pet Pee Area Worried about Urine Smell? We use the best infill around in ZeoFill. With years of Experience, we've also learned a few tricks to apply during Installation to prevent this problem that other companies lack.

About our Playground Turf

Artificial Grass Inc has been installing residential play areas, playgrounds in schools, daycare centers, preschools, & municipal parks for over 12 years. No mess and splinters like wood chip flooring. No health risks like rubber mat flooring. Artificial Playground Turf is a clean, durable, low maintenance, low cost over time solution for Play Areas.

Some of the benefits of artificial playground grass turf include:
1. Super tough, non-abrasive, and lush.
2. No more toxic weed killers, insecticides, or fertilizers.
3. No more grass allergies.
4. No more grass stains.
5. No more mud and dirt being tracked indoors.
6. Zero Lead, Zero Heavy Metals, Zero Rubber.
7. 100% safe for children.
8. No more lawn maintenance!
9. 15-18 year manufacturer warranty.

Is Artificial Turf Safe? Ours Is
Many companies import their turf from overseas, namely China. Why? Because it's so cheap. Unfortunately, artificial grass manufactured overseas has little to no company oversight or government mandates and their products contain a high Lead content. Artificial Grass Inc only installs turf made in the USA which contains ZERO LEAD!
Some companies use rubber infill for their installation. a few years back, it was industry standard. Artificial Grass Inc stopped using rubber infill because of it's loose link to cancer. I mean, why risk it, right? To make a few extra bucks? AGI is constantly adapting and trying to do things the right way. AGI's currently uses eco-friendly, non-toxic acrylic coated sand.

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